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MINRAF® is committed to putting quality into action throughout all its business processes, from raw material purchase through manufacturing to finished goods deliveries.
Quality is the cornerstone of the success of MINRAF®. We’ve worked hard to establish a reputation for quality and have been recognized as the leading Automotive springs supplier in Egypt.

High quality and reliable raw materials for use in final products are of key importance to MINRAF®. Therefore, Raw Material Quality Management is a high priority in the organization, resulting in partnerships with suppliers to enhance continuous improvement of raw materials and services.
 Quality Systems 
In order to fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers, MINRAF® has developed and implemented a structured and efficient Quality Management System. This system is regularly audited by external certification bodies as well as customers, verifying and challenging the efficiency and...
 Testing Capabilities 
Automotive suspension springs are subjected to a complex environment of multi-axial forces, temperatures, and road slush that varies significantly with customer usage, geographic location & load type. 

To fully validate a design, automotive suspensions must...
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