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HR Philosophy

At MINRAF, our Hr philosophy is to develop employee engagement, mutual trust, co-operation and openness through:
Expecting results
Measuring performance
Empowering people

At MINRAF we believe in 4 principles:
1. Equality
At Minraf Everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, fresh graduates come in as entry level managers and progress throughout the organization.
2. Development
We consider ourselves a development company because our managers train their replacements every day, through on-the-job, formal classroom and web-based training.
3. Recruit the Best
We aim to attract and recruit finest people in the business. We continually develop ways to extend our reach to bring a truly diverse mix of employees to the company each year.
4. Power of People:
At MINRAF people are our greatest assets and recruiting is critical to our success, so we take it seriously. 
We also adopt a performance based model, through which top performers are rewarded with incentives & a deserving pay, which helps create a sense of enthusiasm and healthy competition among employees to perform better.

MINRAF provides traineeship opportunity for students at different levels. 
The new traineeships program will support motivated young people to develop the skills they need to secure and succeed in employment, including apprenticeships.
Our training programs not only provide opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge gained during formal study in real life but also aim to provide experience and knowledge of business life in general.
Become skilled in your job by learning under people who know the way. An apprenticeship or traineeship is your way of getting qualified – and you’ll be paid a wage while you’re learning.
At MINRAF, we invite you to have a diverse perspective and look at business life: During this period, you can discover your personal interests, strengths and gain a comprehensive insight into a specific occupational field and observe our experts. 

To apply, you can either fill in the application form or send your CV to info@minraf.com
Application and Recruitment
Keeping in mind Minraf’s core values,business targets and strategies, we look for people that have not onlyjob specific qualifications and experience but also demonstrate thefollowing criteria:

* Shares our corporate values, vision and mission
* Highly-motivated
* Open to personal development and change
* Self-confident
* Strive to make a difference at whatever he/she does

You can either apply by filling the application form in our website or by going to Kariyer.net
  Training Opportunities
Performance and Career Management
We use a personal performanceevaluation system that is aligned with our corporate targets. Our systemtakes into consideration the personal contribution, career developmenttargets of our employees and is supported with financial incentives.

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