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At Minraf, we always think ahead for the next steps. In order to be able to correctly make the right move, Investigative activities are always in progress with the intention of  reaching results that can either lead to the development of new products or procedures, or the improvement of existing products or procedures. At Minraf, we believe that Research and development is one of the main ways by which we can experience future growth by developing new products or procedures to improve and expand our operations.
With working experience as a lone Supplier for several OEMs, MINRAF carries out serious responsibilities in vehicle projects as the design and strategic partner of OEM vehicle manufacturers. The MINRAF R&D team has the expertise & rigid scientifical background to contribute in suspension improvement plans, and as a trusted partner, we are fully incorporated into client’s product development processes.

During our R&D procedures, we continuously develop new methods to minimize the time required to develop optimum design using latest finite elements analysis software.

MINRAF believes in the benefits of cooperation with universities and taking full advantage of the young enthusiast minds for R&D projects, we carry out applied research and design work on finite elements. Additionally, we carry out our pioneering R&D projects with the support of our respectful academic consultants by sponsoring the under & post-graduate thesis at our facilities.
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