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  Vision & Mission  
Leading the automotive spring industry & becoming the market leader in the Middle East & Africa through the application of the highest technology standards & latest scientific information in the field while incorporating the strongest quality systems & using cutting edge equipment to satisfy the needs of our customer OEMs in finding a partner they can rely on.

Our Mission
• Science & Engineering

- Incorporating the latest scientific information & theoretical engineering data & applying  them practically in order to continuously produce our product according to latest worldwide standards.
- Supporting our customers with the latest accurate technical information & necessary design modifications to meet the demanding requirements of continuous progress.

• Customer Satisfaction

- Exceeding our customers’ needs by providing a highly reliable flexible system that understands the changing requirements of different customers & adapting to it
- Providing a supreme quality product through using high –tech equipment & applying the latest scientific information.

• Cost effectiveness

- Producing a cost effective product through increasing efficiency & effectiveness in every aspect in order to reflect on the ability of offering competitive pricing.

• Trustworthiness

- Building a strong foundation of trust with our clients assuring them we can & we will deliver highest quality product on time.
Customer Satisfaction

At MINRAF®, we strive to achieve and consistently improve customer satisfaction. Our focus on planning, engineering, coordination and scheduling allows our...

Lean Organization
Taking a longer term and a more practical approach, MINRAF® strives to ensure that the manufacturing environment could continue to deliver...
Respect For Nature
  The protection of the environment and our staff from the possible effects of all the different operations is considered one of our principal duties, at MINRAF®...
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