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Zurich Insurance estimated damages Hurricane Sandy $ 700 million
December 17, 2012
Zurich estimated the largest insurance groups worldwide, the cumulative cost of the damages associated with Hurricane Sandy $ 700 million, and will be incorporated in the accounts of the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.

The news channel France 24 news on Monday, general manager of Zurich Martin O, that the company’s balance solid and sound treasury flows and expertise at the level of losses contributed to the provision of service to customers when needed and deliver on its promises.

The company Swiss (Swiss Re) giant in the field of reinsurance, estimated at the end of last November to Hurricane Sandy that hit the eastern coast of the United States $ 900 million.

Noteworthy that the bill hurricane losses Sandy, who hit the shores of the northeastern United States of America, and killed 110 people, a month after the incident amounted to 80 billion dollars (about 4.61 billion euros), and in three U.S. cities hit.
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